Voices on the Radio

I’ve been reanalysing a pioneering experiment into radio voices: “In his book Voice and Personality, [Professor] Pear explained what inspired his experiment. He recounted listening to a radio play over headphones one day in a gloomy room lit only by the glow from his fire. Engrossed in the play, he conjured up in his mind… Continue reading Voices on the Radio

A remarkable 1920s experiment into the voice

New analysis of Voice and Personality “Ten years ago the art of listening to speech hardly existed. Eyes were glutted while ears were starved. Print reached millions by their firesides, the voice a few score on hard benches in a gloomy hall. Broadcasting has changed all that.” Professor T H Pear, Professor of Psychology, 1931… Continue reading A remarkable 1920s experiment into the voice

#AcousticsAdvent Week2

Day 8 Can you recognise this reversed Christmas hit? You have 5 seconds before the answer reveals. Hopefully you didn’t hear anything Satanic (backmasking)! This sort of reverse test has been tried on animals to see what parts of calls are important. if you play a reversed bird song and you still get a reply,… Continue reading #AcousticsAdvent Week2

#AcousticsAdvent Week1

Day 1 Father Christmas tests his #HoHoHo in the oil tank with the World record reverb. After warming up in Salford’s anechoic chamber. More on the World record tank or Chapter 1 of Sonic Wonderland/The Sound Book. More on how Santa’s voice get teleported to the Inchindown Oil Tank with the World Record reverb. Day 2… Continue reading #AcousticsAdvent Week1