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  • How weather affects sound at Glastonbury

    How weather affects the sound at festivals like Glastonbury

  • Youtube experiment for Glastonbury

    What makes a geat mobile recording, we’re trying to find out using YouTube clips from Glastonbury.

  • Musical saws and harmonics

    In my last post on musical saw’s I wrote: “The tone of the saw is unlike conventional instruments, it’s very clear and pure. This happens because the instrument makes very few higher harmonics to add colour to the sound.” which prompted a comment: “I would say that on the saw the overtones are vivid and…

  • The physics of musical saws

    Someone I know has just been given a musical saw as a Christmas present. A few years back, a colleague mentioned that musical saws are scientifically really interesting. So I’ve spent a little time this morning reading scientific papers with exciting titles such as “Vibration of an Elastic Strip with Varying Curvature” [1]. [youtube=] As…