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  • #AcousticsAdvent Week1

    Day 1 Father Christmas tests his #HoHoHo in the oil tank with the World record reverb. After warming up in Salford’s anechoic chamber. More on the World record tank or Chapter 1 of Sonic Wonderland/The Sound Book. More on how Santa’s voice get teleported to the Inchindown Oil Tank with the World Record reverb. Day 2…

  • The lowering of the Queen's voice

    The Queen’s Christmas message from 2017 has a nice juxtaposition of her current voice and how she sounded 60 years earlier (about 45 seconds into the video below). How has her voice changed? And why have women’s voice pitch dropped in recent decades? The first thing I take from hearing the two Christmas messages is…

  • Pitch shifting to 432 Hz doesn't improve music

    Pitch shifting to 432 Hz doesn't improve music

    Results from an experiment to see if music sounds better with instruments tuned to 432 Hz.

  • Do you like your music flat?

    Does music with a lower tuning frequency sound better?

  • Musical saws and harmonics

    In my last post on musical saw’s I wrote: “The tone of the saw is unlike conventional instruments, it’s very clear and pure. This happens because the instrument makes very few higher harmonics to add colour to the sound.” which prompted a comment: “I would say that on the saw the overtones are vivid and…