#AcousticsAdvent Week1

Day 1

Father Christmas tests his #HoHoHo in the oil tank with the World record reverb. After warming up in Salford’s anechoic chamber. More on the World record tank or Chapter 1 of Sonic Wonderland/The Sound Book.


More on how Santa’s voice get teleported to the Inchindown Oil Tank with the World Record reverb.

Day 2

When Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ gets the Halloween treatment (midway through track). Listen here. How was this done is described here: How I added a Halloween feel to Merry Christmas Everyone.

Day 3

And what would you like for Christmas? Dummy head takes a break from recording binaural sound to visit Santa’s anechoic grotto.

Salford Uni’s Anechoic chamber. Father Christmas and Dummy Head (left to right)

Day 4

What if the Lancaster Musical Road played a Christmas Carol? #HarkTheHerald. Here is my blog about the tuning problems of the old version. Or you can read about it in my book Sonic Wonderland/The Sound Book


Day 5

Don’t bother washing up the wine glasses after your Christmas meal, smash them and make beautiful videos! Don’t use the best crystal, cheap crystal red wine glasses break easier. How to do break them.

Day 6

How the Queen’s voice pitch has lowered overtime as measured from the Queen’s Christmas message. A minute into the video you can hear the change. Read more about this.

Change in Queen's voice pitch
Change in Queen’s voice pitch

Day 7

Hands up everyone who has run their finger around a wine glass after the Christmas meal and annoyed someone else in the family. Here it is at high speed – quite beautiful. For the best sound you need a good crystal glass that rings well when you tap it (strong resonance) and a non-greasy finger (so the stick-slip excitation of the glass works well)

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