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  • #AcousticsAdvent Week1

    Day 1 Father Christmas tests his #HoHoHo in the oil tank with the World record reverb. After warming up in Salford’s anechoic chamber. More on the World record tank or Chapter 1 of Sonic Wonderland/The Sound Book. More on how Santa’s voice get teleported to the Inchindown Oil Tank with the World Record reverb. Day 2…

  • Laughing, talking & singing while breathing in

    A recent study reported that babies laugh both while inhaling and exhaling, in contrast to most adults who just do it while exhaling. The work was done by Disa Sauter, from the University of Amsterdam, “Adult humans sometimes laugh on the inhale but the proportion is markedly different from that of infants’ and chimps’ laughs.” I…

  • AI must learn from voice science

    Voice control: why AI must resist our bad habit of stereotyping human speech Parrot fashion. Shutterstock Voice control gadgets – such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home or Apple’s Homepod – are becoming increasingly popular, but people should pause for thought about advances in machine learning that could lead to applications understanding different emotions in speech.…

  • Why Sharapova's grunts remind me of a whip-bird

    Why Sharapova’s grunts are like a whip-bird

  • Youtube experiment for Glastonbury

    What makes a geat mobile recording, we’re trying to find out using YouTube clips from Glastonbury.